Monday, January 9, 2017

Pictures 12/26/16 - 1/8/17

Now that's a pizza worthy of a New Years Eve celebration!.  The past two weeks have been filled with with various Christmas and New Years celebrations with family. It was also my first full week of official retirement.  I ended up attending a departmental meeting last Friday where I received my 30 year service award and a small gift for retirement.  I enjoyed the time visiting with former coworkers and even had the opportunity to go up front and make a fool of myself during the entertainment portion of the meeting.  The weather turned bitterly cold here once again with the low temperature bottoming out at -16*F (-29*C).  Enjoy the pictures from the past two weeks.

With a substantial amount of snow in the forecast, I did a quick check of the truck and found that the battery was dead.  Most likely because we haven't driven it for several months.  It was good to go with an overnight charge.

The chickens continue to amaze me this year.  Even though it's deep in the middle of winter, 4 chickens continue to produce 2 to 3eggs a day without artificial light. 

I purchased a Lansky sharpening puck a while back and finally got to try it out.  I've had very little success trying to sharpen tools, but with this little guy, I was able to put a knife sharp edge on my axe with about 15 minutes work.

Well the snow came in as predicted.  The forecast kept calling for more and more snow so I thought it prudent to chain up the truck.

These particular chains are a light duty chain designed more for ease of installation than for heavy duty traction.  They have always worked great for us though.

One of the hazards of extremely cold temps and having chickens that are still laying eggs.

 Enjoy the week ahead and God Bless.


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