Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pictures For The Week of 12/4/16

The week started out warm and sunny.  We have enjoyed warm temperatures and very little moisture for the past few months.  Winter came back with a vengeance though, on Wednesday, complete with snow, and sub-zero fahrenheit temperatures.
  Luckily the weather forecasts were spot on and I was able to get the chicken ark cleaned out and fresh straw put in for insulation.  I also got the wood and pellet stoves cleaned and ready to go.  Enjoy the pictures from this week.  They should give a general idea of what the area around the homestead looks like. 

Overview of the Property Around the House

The chicken ark

Top open with new clean straw

Checking out the new straw.

More investigating

Looks like we passed inspection

Went to check the propane level and found this.  Sure am glad it's winter.

Should have enough wood for the winter.  Won't need this for a while

Our view to the east.

All four ladies out and about.

And then it was winter.

Have a great week and God bless.


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