Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pictures For The Week of 12/11/16

Wow How things change in a week!  The name of the game this week was staying warm.  Even the chickens were smart enough to come out only long enough to eat.  It was -7 F (-22 C) when I took the above picture.  Other than going to work,  we only ventured out to go to the winter farmers' market and do a bit of Christmas shopping.  Enjoy the pictures.

The Farmers Market was all decked out for the holidays.

A variety of winter produce was available at this market.  We purchased beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, a pumpkin and some sprouts. Believe it or not, one vendor even had lettuce, tomatoes and radishes.  He grew these in a green house that suffered some damage during a wind storm last week so we got them at a pretty steep discount. 

About 45 minutes after sunrise looking to the south east
Looking west with the moon getting ready to set.
Bunny tracks

Pack rat tracks.  These things are the bane of our existence up here..........The rats, not their tracks.

Fox tracks.

Human tacks

Hm.  This one is quite funny if you think about it. (To the best of my knowledge no bunnies were harmed in the creation of this photo. Although, it might have had the wits...........or..........something scared out of it)

Looking west

looking west.
Looking to the south west.
Have a great week and God bless.


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